“My Robot Nation”

April 12, 2013
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    Kodama Studios and 3D Systems

Have you ever had a child that you couldn’t afford to raise? After perfecting our techniques during our experiences with Mod Nation Racing, we had a solid vision of where we wanted to push our own IP but we lacked the capital to progress to the next level of development. Enter Kodama Studios, who were game industry veterans looking for a new project to launch their budding company.
We collaborated to create My Robot Nation, with Bert as the inspiration for the artistic direction. We provided the creative direction, all in engine and print ready geometry, as well as product fulfilment and customer experience.
Throughout this process we were working on different Levels of Resolution for various print sizes. We were continually testing the tolerances, strength and designs of the geometry, for robot body parts and 3D decals.
We also contributed to the customer experience by providing incentives such as the MRN Golden Ticket, Offload Studios Robot Factory tours, and the MRN Medal of Awesome, to commemorate particularly inspiring robot creations. These services were provided on top of us photographing each individual robot, before hand packaging and shipping them.
After a successful launch in December 2011 and enthusiastic customer response, My Robot Nation was acquired by 3D Systems Inc. We maintained fulfilment until the fall of 2012, when production was transferred to 3D Systems.