We’re on Greta’s Team

January 23, 2015

Donate now!                Greta’s Team

This is a circumstance very close to our hearts. As many of our clients know, we care about your work, and also about you! Our friends Heather Munro and Tim Loewen run a wonderful art store in our home city called HOFA Art Supplies and Framing, known to the locals as House of Fine Art. They are lovely people that truly care about artists and their community, and right now they need our help.

In early December their five-year-old daughter Greta was diagnosed with a rare form of primary bone cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. She is currently being treated at BC Children’s Hospital, and is residing with her parents at Ronald McDonald House. This means that Tim and Heather both need to be with her full time. Greta has a long road ahead, with some of her treatment occurring out of Canada (Boston, Massachusetts). We want to assist in reducing some of the financial burden on this sweet family, so we are making a request to all of you; please help however you can.

B&W Photos by Cara Grimshaw
Colour photo by Sam Chua

House of Fine Art